Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The following terms ("Terms of Service", also called "Terms of Sale") govern purchases made by consumers on the CactusMC ("CactusMC", "Cactus-MC", "we", "us", "our") website, available at store.cactus-mc.net or cactus-mc.net ("Website", "Store", or "Site"). Please review these Terms of Service carefully. By proceeding to place an order, you agree to be bound by all the Terms of Service set forth herein. If you do not agree with these Terms, do not place an order on our Website. A copy of these Terms may also be downloaded, saved, and printed for your reference.


1. We reserve the right to change, with or without notice, any rank price that has been previously set forth. Additionally, we reserve the right to change the perks of a specific rank or package. If the benefits of a certain rank change, you will not be entitled to the old rank benefits. Rest assured that no rank benefit, or any other item in the store, will be changed without a valid, server-balancing reason.

2. You agree to indemnify the advertisers, directors, employees, hosts, officers, owners, staff, and all other parties related to this server's staff. By agreeing to these terms, you agree not to present any lawsuit or other legal challenge against the server staff for any reason. This is in-place whether related to your purchase or not.

3. Any advertisers, directors, employees, hosts, officers, owners, staff, and all other parties related to this server's staff reserve the right, with the appropriate permissions, to forcibly make you leave the server, permanently or temporarily, with no chance of a refund. Simply, If you obey the rules, you will never be banned.

4. By purchasing a package in our store, you agree to our refund policy. Our refund policy is based on a strict "no refund" policy. This states that under no circumstances are you eligible for a refund unless you have a very clear and evident reason for requesting one. In the event of a chargeback dispute, you acknowledge that your access to our network will likely be revoked, and further legal action may take place. You also accept that you must follow the set of rules on the website, and in the event of punishment, you are still not entitled to a refund. Last, but not least, even if you do not receive your package, you are not eligible for a refund. To rectify this, you may submit a support request and you will be re-credited for your purchase.

5. You may pay for your purchase using a Debit / Credit card or via PayPal. You authorize CactusMC to charge the applicable card the amount of the checkout. You represent and warrant that you are the cardholder of the applicable credit card, or account holder of the PayPal account. If your card is rejected by the card issuer, or your payment is rejected by PayPal, your order will not be received and CactusMC will have no further obligation to fulfill your order. All billing and registration information provided by you to CactusMC must be truthful and accurate. Providing any untruthful or inaccurate information constitutes a breach of these Terms of Service.

6. All terms and conditions are in effect indefinitely as soon as the contract is accepted, and will remain to be active even after you quit, are banished, removed, or if you leave the server in any way.

Note: As of April 2020, we are running under the name Cactus-MC.net instead of BreachPvP.com. We have chosen to refund 70% of ALL total spendings on BreachPvP in form of a voucher.
This offer is valid until September 1st, 2020. After this date, you may not eligible for your voucher.

Last Updated: September 9th, 2020.